Human capital outsourcing

FEWA Resource Management Limited (FEWA) is a private limited company incorporated in the Republic of Kenya. Our vision is to provide an integrated hub for institutional capital development. Our mission is to improve the corporate effectiveness and efficiency by developing human capital capability. Our business philosophy is to provide support to organizations for continuous improvement of their systems, structures and processes through innovation, pro-activeness and model of best practice in the sector. The core business of the company is to provide consultancy services in:

  • Human capital outsourcing
  • Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Services;
  • HR Consultancy and Advisory services.
  • Payroll Management
  • Preparing young graduates for a career
  • Due diligence and employee background checks.
  • Training, learning and development wellness.

The company has developed an in-depth understanding of the existing gaps in the market and created a niche in provision of tailor-made solutions to her clientele in bridging the gaps while adhering to industry’s best practices. FEWA Resource Management Ltd has been able to increase her portfolio of clients through trust, competency, professional work ethics and integrity while designing solutions that not only optimize and automate functions that lead to better business performances, but are also people-centered and results-oriented.

Our culture statement and belief are that for any community, society or group to achieve a common vision, they must have specific values and behaviors. The way FEWA Resource Management Ltd. staff interact amongst themselves and with others outside the organization defines who we are and gives us an identity as an organization, making our culture distinct from others. In driving this culture, we are guided by the following core values:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Customer delight and business partnerships
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Compliance and good corporate governance

In human capital outsourcing portfolio, FEWA has invested in solid research and development function to inform the need for best market solutions. These includes feasibility studies, contextual market surveys and sectorial studies. In doing this, FEWA has two distinct interventions:

  • Sourcing and management of Short Term Fixed Contract Staff underneath whose are the following key focuses areas:
  1. Provision of suitable and qualified Short Term Fixed Contract Staff meeting job specifications as stipulated by client organizations.
  2. Management, control, Organization and close supervision to Short Term Fixed Contract Staff to enhance performance including overseeing punctual attendance, diligent performance and general discipline.
  • Handling grievances up to the ministry of labor level.
  1. Compliance of all relevant legislative requirements under Kenyan law.
  2. Periodic reports on the staff and any observations made.
  3. Effect payment of wages, and overtime if any, on weekly basis.
  • Ensure staff are clean, neat and in appropriate protective gear.
  • Human resource management support of outsourced services underneath whose are the following key focus areas:
  1. Recruitment and management of Short Term Fixed Contract Staff
  2. Payroll management.
  • Handling of labor matters with the relevant statutory bodies
  1. Advisory services on the provision of day to day support services.
  2. Advisory services on trouble shooting of human resources problems and grievances.
  3. Advisory on sourcing for staff provident, medical and insurance covers.

Key of our success under the human capital outsourcing portfolio include an already working relationship with Prudential Africa Ltd, Burque Kenya (PVT) Ltd, Otuo Kenya Ltd (SABI) and SICPA Kenya Limited in the provision of Short Term Fixed Contract Staff/Casual workers. Structurally, FEWA has been able to:

Signed four clients in the first year of its operation.

In working or partnering with FEWA, client organizations stand to minimize  time and effort lost on staff recruitment, welfare and management issues, attain quick turn a rounds and transition in staff management matters,enjoy flexibility in staff transition  of outsourced labor in cases of dissatisfaction, quick and affordable training,  and performance management done at a requests length and reduced internal conflicts through handling of grievances.